Milo Redefines Christianity for International Student

June 01, 2012 | Carol Bovee

Jinny Kim says that in Korea, where she comes from, many people do not consider the Adventist Church to be a Christian church.

Adventists are known to have church on Saturday and translate the Bible differently than other churches, so the church must not be Christian.

Kim's experience at Milo Adventist Academy taught her differently.

She came to Milo not because of religious reasons, but to learn English. She had not really read the Bible before, and she had never been in a place that had worship in the classrooms.

After reading the Bible more and listening to other people, both staff and students who talked about Jesus, Kim says, "I feel like these are people who really follow Jesus and love Him!"

During spring break, Kim went on a Milo mission trip with a small group to Utila, Honduras, and she became impressed with the Adventist people there.

They were so warm, accepting, loving and helpful; she knows she will never forget those people and her time of service there.

Kim has changed her view of what Christianity is and notices the difference from her homeland. She feels people there, even who call themselves Christians, often don’t educate their children about God and do not have worships like they do at Milo.

"I can’t say they are wrong in Korea, but this school has changed me," says Kim. "If I go back to Korea, I really want to teach them what I have learned here."