Witness to Tithe Blessings

I have been receiving the GLEANER for years and this is actually the first time in years that I decided to pick it up to read and was dismayed by the responses that you/the author received in regards to the previous article ["Whatever Thy Hand Findeth to Do," February 2012]. Let me just say that I am a witness and example to what blessings tithing can bring.

Kristine Tibbs, Silverdale, Washington

Inspiring Words

What your Mormon tithing article ["Whatever Thy Hand Findeth to Do," February 2012] (one of the five articles, if that many, I have read from the GLEANER in the last year!) told me was that ALL people (of all faiths!) can and often do listen to what the Good Man tells their heart ... My mom sure did, and so did Bill Marriott.

But very sadly, obviously, many "good Adventists" do NOT! ... Just to let you know that type of pettiness is a big part of the reason I no longer attend church, though I have always and still do "return" the tithe (not "pay" it!). ... Thanks for a great article [and] your inspiring words, both in the article and in your response letter ["Don't Shoot," April 2012].

God bless you! (And I'm sure He does!)

Julie Smith, Livingston, Montana

Cindy Chamberlin, GLEANER managing editor, responds:

Mine is just borrowed skill, strictly on loan from a very big God. To His glory I write and to His credit I press forward. Blessed? Pass the blessing forward to another who may especially need it.

May 01, 2012 / Intersections