Sixth Graders Raise $1,000 for Zimbabwe Orphans

This school year, the sixth grade class at Buena Vista Elementary School in Auburn, Wash., adopted Murwira Children's Home (MCH) in Zimbabwe as their brothers and sisters in Africa.

With the help of Jondelle McGhee, who spent the summer volunteering at the children's home, the Buena Vista sixth-grade students participated in an "adoption" ceremony during which they received the name of their new sibling, a picture, and a desire to share with their "family" in Africa.

Buena Vista students and MCH orphans are writing emails back and forth throughout the year in which they are sharing favorite foods, games and dreams for the future. A bulletin board at the front of the classroom reminds the students to pray for MCH.

When the sixth-grade class led the church service at All Nations Church in Federal Way, Wash., in October 2011 and then shared a special feature at the Tacoma (Wash.) Hispanic Church in January, they were able to raise $1,000 for dental work and boarding academy fees for MCH. The students plan to continue raising funds to help their African brothers and sisters.

The children's home is operated by Adventist missionary Paula Leen, who provides medical care, safe housing, food and education for orphans and needy children. It is annually supported by the Washington Conference's women's ministries program which covers the shipping fee for a food container filled by other organizations, such as Amistad International.

April 01, 2012 / Washington Conference