Bible-study Enrollment Cards Come Rolling In

The Alaska Conference, in partnership with the Voice of Prophecy and the Adventist Media Center, launched an initiative to reach all Alaskans with Bible-study requests. The enrollment card mailings began in late October, and the response cards are coming in by the droves, with nearly 800 responses received as of Nov. 21, 2011. Here is what some of the churches have to say:

"Our church in Ketchikan has already received the first six Bible-study requests. One of these requests is from a family in the village of Matlakatla. We are so excited! The Ketchikan Church is praying for a Pentecost outpouring of requests to come through!"

"We have been processing the cards as you send them, and we always pray over them every Sabbath. We will be mailing some studies to each request as soon as possible. It is all very exciting!"

January 01, 2012 / Alaska Conference