In-Service Held by Webinar

The Oregon Conference education department conducted their teacher in-service meeting on Aug. 11. This year the meeting was conducted via live video streaming.

Nineteen speakers presented from a meeting room at the Oregon Conference office. A couple of presenters Skyped in from offsite locations — one from Walla Walla, Wash., and another from Seattle, Wash. The Skype signal was then ingested into live video stream. There were no attendees onsite, but there were presenters.

A crew of four from Blaze Streaming Media brought equipment, including multiple cameras, a switcher, an encoder and other items, to make the live stream flow smoothly. The attendees (teachers) met at their respective local schools, viewing the live stream on a big screen or on personal computers. Not only was $10,000 saved, 481 combined driving hours were saved also. The good news was, at the end of the meeting, everyone either stayed home or commuted via their regular travel to and from school. In addition, the entire session will be archived for future reference and training of newly arriving staff. The response from administrators and instructors has been positive and overwhelming. The next live video streaming will provide upgrades and innovations learned during this session.

Live video stream will not replace all future meetings as individual interaction is still needed for certain venues, but it could possibly allow more frequent informational encounters at a likely savings.

October 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference