Students Bring Smiles to Parkhurst Manor

With a mixture of joy and excitement, students from the Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School in Hood River, Ore., made their way to Parkhurst Manor for their final visit of the year.

Stacy Duffield, teacher for grades 1–4, had made arrangements throughout the year to visit and read to the residents. Not only was it fun and enjoyable; credit was also given to each child for their social science class.

Since the facility is only about three blocks from the school, the entire class delighted in walking the distance in all kinds of weather. Starting from the beginning of school in the fall to springtime, in rain, snow or shine, students found it fun to visit Parkhurst Manor.

The student body learned to talk and read with the older people and form great friendships.

After about an hour, students waved good-bye. And it was wonderful to see the smiling face of each resident.

September 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference