Ad Hoc Mission Advisory Group Sidebar--Members

The advisory group met six times: Aug. 26, 2010; Nov. 18, 2010; Jan. 17, 2011; March 3, 2011; March 31, 2011; and April 27, 2011. Group members were:

Dennis N. Carlson (chair), vice president, Walla Walla University

Doug Johnson (secretary), vice president, Upper Columbia Conference

Harold Altamirano, pastor, Oregon Conference

Jim Berglund, pastor, Idaho Conference

Sandy Eickmann, lay member, Montana Conference

Ruth Farnsworth, lay member, Alaska Conference

Gary Fogelquist, pastor, Washington Conference

Robert Folkenberg, president, Upper Columbia Conference

Russell Gilbert, lay member, Upper Columbia Conference

Ruth Harms, lay member, Upper Columbia Conference

Tanya Huether, lay member, Oregon Conference

Lanny Hurlbert, vice president, North Pacific Union Conference

Steve Libby, lay member, Alaska Conference

Don Mead, lay member, Washington Conference

Mickey Meyer, lay member, Idaho Conference

Richard Parker, youth director, Upper Columbia Conference

Bob Paulsen, lay member, Washington Conference

Mark Remboldt, vice president, North Pacific Union Conference

Tom Russell, lay member, Oregon Conference

Alvaro Sauza, pastor, Montana Conference

September 01, 2011 / Perspective