Ohana Families Serve Navajo Families in Momument Valley

In March, the Ohana Christian Fellowship of the Seventh-day Adventist Church sent 30 members on a mission trip to Monument Valley, Utah, to serve the Navajo people. Ohana, meaning "family" and "nobody left behind," was appropriate since the team included many families with ages ranging from 1 to 72 years old.

In the remote location, most Navajo people have no electricity or running water. The Monument Valley Adventist Mission School expressed a desire for a new well. Ohana was able to raise money for the project.

Mark Miner, Ohana member, led a construction team in building a shade structure high atop a mesa. The structure will be used for worship and outreach during summer youth camps.

The team also held a Vacation Bible School and revival meetings. The children loved the stories, music and crafts, and attendance grew as they brought friends and family members. Church members enjoyed health talks by Ron Franzke and a Jesus video series presented in the Navajo language.

Team members gave in-home Bible studies to several Navajo families. Several team members also volunteered at the mission school. Children on the team helped plant seeds for the school's organic garden and enjoyed making friends with the Navajo children.

The Ohana group learned mission opportunities can be right in one's backyard.

August 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference

Traci Lovell and Kim Franzke, OHANA Church members