'A Mother's Love'

July 01, 2011 | James Cortez

The Eagle Church in Eagle, Idaho, was blessed on Mother's Day Sabbath. The title of the sermon on was "A Mother's Love," delivered by the church's youngest known speaker. The young man was James Andrew Cortez, a young disciple from the Eagle (Idaho) Church. He is only 12 years old but spoke like a person filled with the Holy Spirit and provided a wonderful message of love that the congregation enjoyed.

He had most of the members in tears as he shared a Mother's Day blessing. This was James's first sermon ever and he spoke as if God was providing every word coming from his mouth. James was asked by Tim Roosenberg, pastor, to think about possibly preaching one day for the Sabbath service and asked him to begin preparing a sermon. The day came when Roosenberg said May 7, is your day James. He was very excited to hear that he had been given Mother's Day weekend, he knew then that he would have to prepare a sermon based on a Mother's day theme.

James Cortez is the youngest of five children and has known that he is a miracle child; being born at 33 weeks weighing only three and a half pounds, he shared how he was brought into this world for a special purpose and wanted to explore what his god given gifts were at a young age, and so his message on Mother's Day Sabbath included three unique stories about mothers and what they will do for a child and how much they love their children. The first story was about Mary and Jesus, next was a story about Ted Williams "Man with the God Given Voice" and he closed with a touching story about a one eyed mother. He finished the sermon with a special song entitled "Mama" by Il Divo; which had the congregation thinking about there moms and so he definitely got his message across to everyone in attendance that morning.

He is an inspiration to all the other children at Eagle and prepared the way for other youth in the church to explore and share their gifts, for they are the future of our church and by preparing them to speak and share gods love in a church atmosphere is what we're being called to do. He was joined by the Eagle Adventist School students which played special music, and overall it was a great Sabbath. The Eagle Church is developing young Disciples for Christ and James was the first of many to share his god given talent at the Eagle Church.