Auburn Seniors Discover World of Medicine

July 01, 2011

Nicole Riederer found her career calling on Sabbath at 12:15 a.m. Sabbath in Loma Linda University Medical Center's emergency department. Jonathan Simons job shadowed a physical therapist for four hours, and Michelle Skoretz role-played a surgery with a cardiologist.

Senior students in Auburn Adventist Academy's research physics class have a much better idea of their career path thanks to a five-day, hands-on field trip to Loma Linda University Medical Center in Loma Linda, Calif.

"The trip to Loma Linda inspired me and scared me at the same time, but it was priceless," says Simons. "I loved every bit of it."

Tom Allen, physics and engineering instructor, first organized the annual extended field trip 17 years ago as an opportunity to introduce and launch students into medical careers.

Through the extended field trip, students expand their medical vocabulary, participate in job shadowing and set career goals. They also learn about different medical fields, experience the miracle of birth, explore human anatomy in the cadaver lab and observe the precision of surgery.

"The fact that we got to go to LLUMC makes us feel like we are in some kind of ‘elite' science class," says Eve Chuenchob.

"Since we were wearing lab coats, all of us were asked what year of college we were," adds Krista Reseck. "People had a hard time believing us when we told them we were just in high school."

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