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Complaining Saint

In the "Christianity at Church" GLEANER Blog, it appears to me the complaining saint has missed the point. What would Jesus do? The church is supposed to be a safe place. "Be ye kind" covers it for me.

Notes and verbal words of encouragement are in short supply in this too-busy world. Affirmation and acceptance preach a sermon no evangelist can. If we want the receiving person to grow and glow, the performance is not the issue. Willingness, worship and recognizing vulnerability are [the issues].

— Christine Smith, via GLEANER Blog

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Hyper-distracted, Sin-loving

In the "My Daily Checklist" GLEANER Blog, I wonder: Did Jesus or John the Baptist have a checklist? I'm not saying it's [a daily checklist] not a useful thing in this hyper-distracted time we are living in, but the real reason a high percentage of our church members don't know Jesus and the Scriptures intimately is worldliness and lukewarmness that pervade our churches in the North American Division. Warm and fuzzy "Revival" meetings that don't point out sin will not change worldly sin-loving Adventist members.

— Brooks Potter, College Place, Washington, via GLEANER Blog

June 01, 2011 / Intersections