Somerset Lodge Branch Sabbath School

Every Sabbath morning at 9:15 you can hear organ music and singing coming from the chapel on the third floor of the Somerset Lodge retirement facility located on the same street as the Gladstone Park (Ore.) Church.

Each week some 15–20 seniors are there for the beginning of Sabbath School. In 2008, Terry Daniel was teaching a Sabbath School class at the church and was asked by Delpha Price, a member of his class, if he would be willing to teach over at the Lodge. He agreed and has been teaching there ever since.

Price, 98, says, "I plan the Lodge program, which includes the opening song service with organ accompaniment by Dolly Walters, 98, a previous organist at the church. Then Dona Daniel, current church secretary, gives the mission story, and her husband, Terry Daniel, teaches the lesson. This has been a real missionary class over the years, as many non-Adventists have attended."

Ellsie Brown, 96, a church member and Lodge resident, collects the offerings and acts as the secretary. Offerings have been as high as $70.

May 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference