Moses Lake Church GLOWs in the Dark!

On Oct. 31, the Moses Lake (Wash.) Church went out to GLOW IN THE DARK, passing out GLOW literature to all who were willing to take it. Door to door they went, visiting with household members and sowing seeds of hope to those who took the literature.

The group was led by Bible Worker Israel Garza, who inspired his group by saying: “I believe God's message/word is much sweeter than candy." He shared with them Scriptures about how God's message is like honey on our lips and ended with encouragement: "Step out in faith and courage, and go into a deeper experience with Jesus, which mediocrity, fear, superstition, and comfort can't offer. Let Jesus come further into your heart, His most holy, treasured, possession and place. 'I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"' (Phil. 4:13).

GLOW is a vital evangelistic tool at the Moses Lake Church. It is promoted up front and laid out on the tables for the congregation to distribute. There are also families that purchase GLOW tracts by the thousands to distribute everywhere they go. Even young children are a part of the act of literature evangelism! There is no age barrier and no issues over getting out of comfort zones. Whether it is door to door or left on restaurant tables or at Starbucks or rest area, the opportunities to fish for the souls of others by sharing GLOW are limitless.

Moses Lake Church encourages all churches to begin participating in GLOW, in order to be Giving Light to Our World, one page at a time!