First-annual Pathfinder Bible Achievement Program

The Five Falls Sentinels Pathfinder Club from Great Falls, Mont., was the winner for the Montana Conference's first Pathfinder Bible achievement program held Sabbath, Feb. 19.

The four-member Five Falls team, led by Bert Wredberg, Pathfinder Club director, and Jennifer Jones, team coach, faced seven competitors from the Billings (Mont.) Rimrockers Club and a team of five from the Livingston (Mont.) Wolverines. The Wolverines are the conference's newest Pathfinder club.

A total of 90 in-depth questions covered the New King James Version translation of I and II Corinthians, along with the introductions to those books in the Adventist Bible Commentary.

The Montana Conference meeting room was standing-room only as each club brought support. Family and friends occasionally whispered a guess to their audience neighbors, and several brought Bibles to look up answers. Team members offered smiles and soft giggles when they answered a question correctly — and gave an occasional sigh when an answer was wrong.

All three clubs explained to the audience some of their preparation efforts for the Bible bowl. Five Falls Sentinels asked club leaders and church members to write preparation questions for them to study, and they listened to audio CDs of the Corinthians. The Livingston Wolverines, directed by Jeff Martin, said they read each book multiple times, trying to concentrate on names and events. The Rimrockers, directed by Dale Sanford, divided the two books into sections for each team member to become an "expert" on their assigned section.

Bozeman-area church members served in different ways. The team judges were Doug Meharry, Jim Jenkins and Susan Loor. Bette Wheeling, Ray Wheeling and Melanie Stroud were scorekeepers. Tammy Harris, Eric Beavon and David Prest served as "appeal judges."

The Montana Conference event was hosted by Kristi Rich, Montana Conference Pathfinder Bible achievement program coordinator, and Archie Harris, Montana Conference Pathfinder director and youth/education leader.

May 01, 2011 / Montana Conference