Town Hall Meetings Herald Constituency Session

April 01, 2011 | Jay Wintermeyer

The Upper Columbia Conference held six town hall meetings across the Inland Northwest during February and March in preparation for the upcoming conference constituency session June 19 at Upper Columbia Academy.

At each town hall meeting, Bob Folkenberg Jr., UCC president, reviewed progress in the five focus areas outlined by local church delegates during the last constituency session in 2007. Folkenberg also shared the conference vision, which emphasizes a grass-roots evangelism approach and places valuable resources at the local church level to assist with this effort.

In addition to Folkenberg’s report, Randy Terry, UCC vice president of finance, shared a financial report and Doug Johnson, UCC vice president of administration, presented a membership report and recommendations for the coming consistency session.

The next UCC constituency session, which is the primary business session for the Adventist Church in the region, will be held at Upper Columbia Academy June 19 beginning at 9:30 a.m.