Omak Church Rejoices in a Precious Harvest

April 01, 2011 | Dave Saulsbury

The evangelistic team of Richard and Mary Halversen joined hands with the Omak (Wash.) Church for a gripping series of prophecy meetings held Sept. 18 through Oct. 16, 2010. Several community guests found lasting joy as Halversen and Jeff Crain, pastor, brought them up in new life from the waters of baptism.

Johnny Berg, one member of the group, with a fitting last name, tested the pastor's resolve by pleading to be baptized in the icy waters of Green Lake.

When the group baptism was organized, one couple asked Halversen if he would perform a marriage ceremony for them as well. Halversen joyfully agreed. Church women hastily baked a cake and decorated it for a reception. Just one hour before the group baptism, the church family witnessed the joy of this marriage ceremony, which also was a team effort by Halversen and Crain. Assuredly, there were many moist eyes as all shared the wonder of what God was doing in this back-to-back wedding and baptism.

When another couple asked to be married two days later, Crain happily consented. The church women rallied again and the entire church family experienced another milestone.

Seven of the 13 newly baptized members have resulted from seeds sown and cultivated in the past through the Omak Church's door-to-door health survey contacts, previous Bible studies and friendship evangelism.