McPherson Retires After 22 Years as Idaho Conference President

March 01, 2011 | Don Klinger

The Idaho Conference hosted a retirement celebration for Steve McPherson, Idaho Conference president since 1988. More than 225 people attended, showing support and appreciation. The festivities began with Erv Furne, Nampa (Idaho) Church pastor and emcee for the program, presenting McPherson with the "Methuselah Award," an hourglass that Furne asserted was the timepiece in use when McPherson began his ministry in Idaho.

While there was a lot of roasting, there were also many words of appreciation for 44 years of service to the Adventist Church and especially for 22 years presiding in the Idaho Conference. Prior to his service in Idaho, McPherson was a pastor and then president in Alaska and a conference evangelist and personal ministries director and pastor in Minnesota and Arizona.

Among the accolades were congratulations for 25 years of service on the Walla Walla University Board, establishing a media ministry in the conference, improvements at Camp Ida–Haven to make it one of the best camps in the country and continued support for Gem State Adventist Academy, including plans to establish an operating endowment. McPherson's wife, Sharon, was recognized by the Idaho Conference Shepherdess leader for her many years of support to pastors' wives. Peter McPherson, principal at GSAA, presented his father with an honorary diploma from the academy — making him an official alumnus.

The McPhersons plan to stay in Idaho. McPherson will continue to do public presentations in evangelism.