Milo's New Industry Keeps Growing

December 01, 2010 | Carol Bovee

When Ed Wagner of Wagner Electronics from Rogue River, Ore., heard of the need for an industry at Milo Adventist Academy, in Days Creek, Ore., he thought of a possible answer. While waiting for production bids from China for Wagner’s new concrete sensors, he encouraged Milo to submit a bid.

The successful bid spawned Milo Assembly, the most recent campus industry, which started in April 2008. The industry assembles and packages sensors that measure the temperature and humidity of new concrete installations. Production began at around 1,000 sensors per month and quadrupled by the summer of 2010.

Jeff Miller, Milo Assembly coordinator, is excited about the continued growth and potential of the industry. He likes the real-world work responsibilities and deadlines the students learn as well as the opportunity for positive interactions with each other and their work supervisors.

The industry has also shown enough profit to contribute to the general operation funds at MAA.

Projected business indicate the potential to employ more students and even adults in the future. Kim Miller, Milo Assembly supervisor, says, “God is truly blessing. In spite of the dreary economy that surrounds us daily, we have a very bright future."