News for December 2010

The Mount Ellis Miracle

December 01, 2010 / Darren Wilkins

What would bring hundreds of people from around the country together for a Sabbath at Mount Ellis Academy in the middle of October? It wasn't camp meeting or alumni weekend. It was a miracle — the miracle of a little Adventist academy winning a $500,000 grant from Kohl's department stores by finishing ninth out of all the schools in the nation on a Facebook contest. Oct. 16 was not only a day of celebration but also one of recommitment to young people and to Adventist schools everywhere.

Sidebar: NW Schools Scored High in Kohl's Contest

December 01, 2010

Northwest Adventist schools placed high in the Kohl's Cares Contest compared to other schools in their respective states. Here's how they placed:


#4 Nome Adventist School

#5 Fairhill Christian School

#6 Anchorage Junior Academy

#10 Mat Valley Adventist School


#1 Gem State Adventist Academy


December 01, 2010

Este fue el tema del Retiro de Damas de la Conferencia de Oregón que se celebró el fin de semana de Septiembre 10 al 12. Asistieron hermanas de Idaho, California, Washington y Nevada. Las de Nevada vinieron por primera vez y expresaron lo felices que se sentían por las bendiciones recibidas. Por supuesto las damas de la conferencia anfitriona de Oregón, como siempre se hicieron presentes. Dios nos bendijo con una asistencia de 225 mujeres, entre ellas 20 eran visitas. Todas juntas nos gozamos en el Señor.

A Christmas Resolution

December 01, 2010

Another year is almost history. In one more month we'll be putting up new calendars — at least the few of us who still tack paper calendars on the wall. What sort of year does your 2010 calendar reflect?

"The best year yet," say some. "Good riddance!" exclaim others. What have you learned through the past 11 months that gives you reason to look forward to 2011?


December 01, 2010

Knowles Steps in as Montana President

The Montana Conference executive committee, met Monday, Oct. 18, in Bozeman, Mont., and elected Merlin L. Knowles as conference president. Knowles comes to the position from his role as executive secretary for the Northern New England Conference. He fills the administrative role left open by president John Loor Jr. who assumed the position of North Pacific Union Conference executive secretary earlier this year.

All in Good Time The Story of a Single-Mother Student

December 01, 2010

Andrea Stanley is a single mom with a passion for piano. While attending Walla Walla University in 2002, she successfully auditioned for music major status, but ended up leaving shortly after.

During a visit to her sister and brother-in-law in August, she took a walk with her 2-year-old daughter.

More WWU News Box

December 01, 2010

Which alum was named "Air Personality of the Year" by a leading Christian media trade organization?

Join us Dec. 10 for our annual Christmas concert, sponsored by the Music Department. University Church, 6 and 8 p.m.


December 01, 2010 / Brittany Russell

In the October Gleaner, on page 6, in the Facts about Adventist Health box, it should say that nearly $300 million in free and low-cost services to our communities were provided in 2009, not $3 million.