Rogue Valley Adopts New Logo Welcomes Business Manager

November 01, 2010 | Michelle Wachter

Rogue Valley Adventist Academy has two new changes to announce for the 2010–2011 year.

A New Logo

The academy has adopted a new logo to reflect the vision of the school. "Redemption is such a vital role in Adventist education," says Larry Aldred, principal. "It was time for a new logo to show that importance to our school family. As the children of Israel erected monuments to remind them of God's leading, so we at RVAA have designed our logo to constantly remind our students, staff and parents of the overriding reason why we exist. We exist to reveal Christ, the source of all knowledge, and His redemptive power to all students. Ellen White in the book Education makes it very plain the work of education and redemption are the same work."

The logo, designed by world-renowned local artist Alan Collins, shows the full circle process of education and redemption. The fluttered open pages of the Bible with the cross at the center are designed to show that redemption is found in the Bible and is centered at the cross. The burgundy color of the word redemption, as well as being a school color, reflects the bloodshed by our Savior at the cross. RVAA is proud to have a logo that shows love for our Lord to our community.

New Business Manager

RVAA also welcomes John Moses this year to the staff as business manager. Moses and his family come from Atlanta, Ga., where he was working as a health-care business consultant. He earned his B.S. in applied economics from East Carolina University and is currently completing his M.S. in finance from Webster University.

Moses, along with his wife, Melissa, and daughter, Harley, are settling into the Rogue Valley and enjoying making new friends. Moses loves to spend time with his family, whether it be at the coast or planting a garden together. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle (as you may have guessed from his daughter's name).

Moses brings with him a passion not only for finances, but also for children. "One of the things I desire most in this life is to make a positive impact in the lives of young people," Moses says. When asked why he accepted the position at RVAA, Moses says, "When I came to interview at RVAA, the first thing I noticed was that I felt God on this campus. At that moment I knew that I could make a positive impact here. My wife and I have accepted this position as a mission field, not just a job." Moses not only brings with him a great knowledge about finances, but he also shares the love of Jesus through kindly working with families to enable students to attend the school.