Afterglow is More Than a Milo Tradition

November 01, 2010 | Carol Bovee

The traditional Afterglow at Milo Adventist Academy has always included a group of students and staff who voluntarily stay after vespers on Friday night to sing songs and fellowship together.

This year the singing is exceptional and the attendance outstanding. Sometimes the music is led by students on guitars and a djembe, other times by a staff member playing the piano, and occasionally, all of those together. Afterglow has taken place in the principal’s house, in the student center, down at the end of a moonlit hike to Junior Camp and in the church. But every time and no matter the place, the voices are joyful, hearts are full and the love of God is felt.

Rick Crew, a senior from Bend, Ore., says, “Afterglow is extra time spent with God and friends.” Cesia Ayala, of Coos Bay, Ore., also loves the bonding time where nothing else presses in and she can relax, be comfortable and just sing with friends. Camila Beltran, a senior from Veneta, Ore., finds Afterglow to be one of her closest times with God. She says it gives her strength to do her best through the next week.

Spiritual growth is a top priority at Milo, and when students are voluntarily hanging out in groups and requesting song after song, it just feels right.