Baptisms in Kettle Falls

candidates declared their faith by baptism on July 17 at the Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church. Three sons of Larry and Bonny Page: Richard, Erick and David, studied the Bible with Ron Reeves, head elder, for several months and were baptized.

Ray Hegney has an Adventist background but never joined the church. His then-fiancé, Kathy Olson, who is now his wife, helped him make his decision.

The other two new church members have had a rather interesting journey.

Mike Wagner did not have a Christian background, did not believe in God and wanted nothing to do with the Bible. About a year and a half ago, he scanned radio stations while truck driving in the Republic, Wash., area, and he happened to hear a sermon about end-time prophecy on the Adventist KEIT radio station. It sparked his interest because he could relate to the message. The more he heard about the Bible on the radio, the more he wanted to learn, so he bought a Bible and began studying.

Anna married Wagner in July. She had gone to Vacation Bible Schools as a child and a youth group as a teen. When she moved to Seattle, Wash., she worked in a Christian bookstore, but later lost all interest.

Then she met Wagner while in Colville, Wash. Wagner started studying the Bible and reintroduced her to it.

Anna says, "I was absolutely thrilled." The two read the Bible every night and realized from their reading and the radio, they should worship God on Saturday. So one Sabbath in February, they walked into the Kettle Falls Church.

As they learned, their lifestyle changed, they also married and decided to be baptized.

October 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference