September 01, 2010

Another Take on Tolkien

I appreciate the use of a quotation from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings book (Let's Talk, July 2010). In my spiritual journey I can confirm that what the Bible says is true: "With many councilors there is deliverance," Proverbs 11:14. This would include written literature, films, music, nature and many other sources available to the Holy Spirit to teach us of God. Through these varied means, we are better prepared to open discussions with others about Christian issues; we gain new perspectives on continuing spiritual and historical problems; we learn fresh, improved methods of communicating the Gospel; and we are challenged to critique our own blind spots. Sitting at the feet of a wide variety of great spiritual communicators, whether they are writers, composers, media artists or performers, draws us into a closer walk with Jesus and into heart worship of God. Thanks again for the article.

—Carolyn Wesner, Weiser, Idaho

Letters Page are a Welcome Addition

I was severely disappointed a few years back when it was decided to not publish any "Letters to the Editor."

I don't think our church should be a one-way street — top-down only. Thank you for renewing my hope in a church that is open and willing to accept differences of opinion and feelings. You are off to a good start — please don't become discouraged again and close the door.

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. Thank you for taking a risk with us again.

—Harvey Dalke, College Place, Washington

Hurray for GleanerNOW!

The GleanerNOW! weekly e-newsletter is a welcome blessing in our home. Thank you for this wonderful service. Keep up the good work.

—Richard Burnett, College Place, Washington

Women Pastors

I was flipping through my daughter's GLEANER and was liking the idea of the remote and necessary fund ("Remote and Necessary Adventist Education," July 2010). For some reason the picture of you [Jennifer Scott, Shelton, Washington, pastor] baptizing the young lady caught my eye. I was raised in a very conservative Adventist home and church. Woman pastors are something I have no issue with, but am simply not used to. My only child, a daughter with great intelligence and independence, was exposed to female coaches, firefighters, policewomen and physicians as she was raised. Not knowing anything about you [Pastor Scott], I can somewhat assume that you are college educated, serve at least one small church as pastor and have a leadership role. To see a young girl being baptized by a woman leader and an example of what she could become if she wanted to, certainly speaks a thousand words. Since words are cheap, I have sent $20 to your church under "church expenses." (I'm at a loss on how else to get it to you.) If possible, I would like that money to go to you taking someone else's daughter out to lunch. Just to chat and visit.

—Northwest Former Member, [name withheld by request]