Treasure Valley Welcomes Messiah's Mansion

August 01, 2010 | Don Klinger

Messiah's Mansion, a full-size replica of the Mosaic Sanctuary, came to Caldwell, Idaho, in June, attracting more than 4,700 people.

When they first considered bringing the exhibit to Idaho, conference leaders wondered if the public would respond. Would busy people make the effort to visit? They decided to try, and arranged for Messiah's Mansion to come during camp meeting.

Invitations were mailed to all Treasure Valley pastors, inviting them to a VIP tour. Posters were sent to churches advertising the eight-day display. Announcements were made on Christian radio and ads placed in the newspaper. Volunteers were recruited to help set up the mammoth display and others to guard it night and day. Lodging arrangements were made for the 15 tour guides, mostly college and academy students.

At last, all was ready. On opening day, 500 people came. Afterward they shared the extraordinary experience with their friends and encouraged them to come. As word spread, people came from as far away as Idaho Falls, a four-and-a-half-hour drive.

One excited guest called radio station KTSY and expressed her enthusiasm on the air: "Some people say, ‘why would you want to take in all that Old Testament stuff when we have Jesus?' I say you understand Jesus more when you understand all that stuff."

Several hundred people indicated an interest in more information about the sanctuary and Bible seminars.