Randy Maxwell Ordination Recognizes Lifelong Ministry

Randy Maxwell, Kuna (Idaho) Church pastor, was ordained at Idaho Conference Camp Meeting on Sabbath afternoon, June 12. Maxwell's passion for ministry began long before he became a pastor. His gift of writing, coupled with a desire to share the power of prayer, has made him a familiar name across the denomination. As founder of the If My People Pray ministry, Maxwell traveled widely while working in advertising at Pacific Press Publishing Association in Nampa, Idaho.

Erv Furne, then Maxwell's pastor at the Nampa Church, recognized and encouraged his ministry. When the Kuna Church was looking for a pastor, Maxwell was given the call. He and his wife, Suzette, accepted and became the pastoral couple in 2006.

Two of Maxwell's mentors were present at his ordination. James Merideth, his pastor when the Maxwells were in Southern California, offered the ordination prayer, along with some history of Maxwell's ministry commitment. Don Driver, retired pastor and a member of Maxwell's congregation, gave the homily. Alphonso McCarthy of the North Pacific Union Conference joined local conference leaders Steve McPherson, Don Klinger, Ron Watts and Erv Furne as the Maxwells were set apart for ministry.

Maxwell's ministry utilizes current technology to reach the community, but it is not a solo effort. Church members are engaged in ministry with their pastor.

August 01, 2010 / Idaho Conference