Love Finds A Way At Gladstone Park

A wedding reception was held in the Gladstone Park Fellowship Room Sunday, April 18, in Gladstone, Ore. It was the final knot tied between Daniel Sandoval, local elder, and Opal Lindsay. Paul Rivera and his daughter, Luana Arthur, sang and played Hawaiian songs on the guitar, and Leroy Klein, chaplain, read a poem by Livinsky. On March 28, a wedding ceremony was held in Klein's home for 20 relatives.

Several years ago he held Revelation and Daniel seminars in Denny's restaurant and then in Oregon City, Ore., where Lindsay attended.

"At Denny's I attended because I received a pamphlet in the mail," Lindsay says. "At the next meeting, I learned about the true Sabbath, and I joined the church on Profession of Faith. That was six years ago."

Sandoval says, "About two years ago I was in Klein's Sabbath School class and met Opal. I asked her out and the rest is history."

When asked about going on a honeymoon, Sandoval says, "No, just being together is our honeymoon."

June 01, 2010 / Oregon Conference