Truth 4 Youth in Gambell

Mel Matthews, pastor, and a team of eager young people and their mothers traveled from Nome, Alaska, to Gambell, Alaska, for children's and adult meetings in January. The team and many attendees (young and old) received a blessing on St. Lawrence Island. Stephanie, Mike and Heather Evans preached Bible truths each night. Shoni Evans, Truth 4 Youth coordinator and director, presented Biblical truth for five- to 13-year-olds. Doug Sayles, Review and Herald marketing vice president, visited Gambell with the team. Sayles was there to observe and also support the team. He had many suggestions and offers of support for native ministries outreach. More than 28 young people attended the evening meetings, and the adult meetings were also well attended. Sayles was delighted to see his family preaching Bible truths in Gambell. Presentations by the youth team from Nome drew children from the village each evening. On Sabbath, Feb. 6, four youth were baptized and became members of the Gambell Church: Cassandra Temkeruu Slwooko, Valerie Yuyangighhaq Apangalook, Dominic Aruuquyaq Apangalook and Leonard Qiiftaan Apangalook.

Mike and Fran Hansen will soon occupy the Gambell parsonage as part of the Arctic Mission Adventure program, ministering to the faithful people there.

May 01, 2010 / Alaska Conference