Soup's On Ministry Born Out of Spiritual Gifts

Members boiled up a new ministry last fall in St. Maries, Idaho, after Sue Clark's spiritual gifts inventory got them thinking about outreach.

Judy Sibert and Debbie Herra felt their spiritual gifts best suited them to provide good hot meals for people in need. "It was easy to get several church members to help make soup, bread and dessert," says Sibert. "All we needed was help finding people who would come eat it."

John Thomson used his spiritual gifts to invite people to come enjoy the meal. Charlie and Terri Prouty placed sandwich-board signs around town advertising the free meal.

Word traveled quickly, and it wasn't long before church members and their Soup's On ministry were sharing meals with community members every Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m.

"It started last October with 15 people," says Martha George, St. Maries Church communication leader, "including the members who came to serve and mingle. Now members serve more than 20 to 30 community guests in the fellowship hall and nearly 20 meals to elderly people in their homes."

And lack of money isn't the only reason people appreciate a home-cooked meal, George adds. "They even deliver a meal to the emergency room doctor on duty at the hospital across the street."