Students Speak from the Heart AAA Experiences the Blessings of Student Week of Prayer

April 01, 2010 | Jondelle McGhee

The power of personal testimony was evident Feb. 15–20 at meetings held in the sanctuary of the Auburn Adventist Academy Church. During AAA's inspiring Student Week of Prayer, 21 students spoke to their friends about how to grow with God.

"I was deeply touched by listening to my peers," says Olivia Hall, sophomore from Puyallup, Wash. "Several of my friends spoke and not only was I was enlightened by what they had to say, but it brought me closer to Jesus."

During the morning and evening meetings, young people preached on a variety of topics ranging from faith in God, to understanding the book of Revelation.

"When I was first asked to preach, I was terrified and didn't want to do it," says Kaitlyn Herman, junior from Puyallup, Wash. "However, after praying about it, I felt God telling me what to share and convicting me to speak for Him."

As students enjoyed the music, testimony and preaching during the week of spiritual emphasis, the spirit of God was touching hearts and lives at AAA.

"Student Week of Prayer brought me closer to God and made me think about how much He loves me," says Lauren Epperson, freshman from Kent, Wash. "I am so thankful for all He has done for me!"