McMinnville Church Hosts Series Filming

March 01, 2010 | Gary McLain

The McMinnville (Ore.) Adventist Church played host to a series held by Jac Colon, NPUC evangelist, Jan. 8 through Feb. 6, 2010. Colon's Revelation series was recorded in high definition by Light Stream International, a ministry of the McMinnville Church.

Light Stream is possibly the first flight packable multi-camera HD production unit in the Adventist church. They have been recording projects such as health and temperance seminars, as well as musical and religious programs. The McMinnville team is also partnered with the North Pacific Union Conference on producing the Momentum series that started in 2007 and will run through 2012.

About 20 percent of the McMinnville Church is regularly involved with this ministry. It took 26 sessions with about five hours per individual invested into every session to record Colon’s series, not to mention the set building and administrative time to make it happen. All in all, more than 30 individuals were involved with the filming of this series. There are many other needs, which the members of the McMinnville Church are involved with; such as hosts, greeters and ushers. One of the camera operators commented, “I have a very busy schedule during the day at work, but I look forward to coming and being a part of recording this series. It is like my reward at the end of the day to come and take part.”

“This is God’s ministry, not ours,” says Win Wheeler, Light Stream International executive director. “There have been some great surprises that have happened in producing Colon’s Revelation series. For example, there have been donations for specific needs. The cost of producing something like this is around $50,000 and we have had a donor write a check for $50,000. If God wants it to happen, He will provide.”