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I will get to the point. Why is the NPUC wasting financial resources by spending money on sending out The Great Controversy to members? I am not alone in this question. We already have many copies and do not need another. I am not sure what the goal of this was. However well meaning, we have so many greater needs. This is just another reason on the list of why members have a hard time giving generous support to the church.

Cynthia, via e-mail

Well, put your mind at rest — no NPUC funds were used for this project. It was entirely underwritten by a generous donor ... and here's why.

When Jere Patzer was North Pacific Union Conference president he had a dream of updating the Bible verses in The Desire of Ages from the King James to the New King James version to help young people better understand Mrs. White's classic volumes. Other partners joined in: the Pacific Press, Lightbearers Ministries, artist Darrel Tank and MCM Design Studio. In December 2006 each NPUC family received a copy of the New King James Version of The Desire of Ages. The following Easter, we also sent a copy to more than 12,000 Northwest clergy members.

One of the donors who helped with the project shared a special interest about doing the same type of update for The Great Controversy. Even though Jere Patzer passed away, this gracious donor resolved to far surpass what had been originally envisioned. With his generous gift, the Pacific Press was able to not only print enough to send to each of the 43,000 Adventist families on the GLEANER list, but also an additional 157,000 for distribution around the world by Adventist Book Centers and Lightbearers Ministries.

So, if you can't use it, we hope you will prayerfully share it with someone else who will be blessed by reading it at an especially opportune time in our world's history.

My husband and I just received the updated version of The Great Controversy in the mail. I want to thank you for making these books readable to the modern Adventist and for sending them out as a gift. I loved The NKJV Desire of Ages. It brought Christ to life for me. I had tried reading the original version many times, but never was able to get into the book. I am assuming that this new book will bring the battle for my soul to life in much the same way. I look forward to reading this book in the new year.

Adrienne, via e-mail

Thank you for your article "When Angels Sing" (Let's Talk, December 2009). It is such an encouragement to be reminded of God's ability to accomplish that which He has set out to do.

Wendy, via e-mail.

February 01, 2010 / Perspective