Yakima Students Enjoy Creation Adventures in Yellowstone

The students yelled in unison “Oh, stop the bus! There’s a buffalo in the road!”

Twenty cameras pointed out the windows as the 2,000-pound bull sauntered down the highway.

Yakima (Wash.) Adventist Christian School students spent the third week of September 2009 looking for evidence of a worldwide flood. The evidence for this trip focused on petrified trees sticking out of the ground at almost 8,000 feet above sea level.

Students hiked up the trail head leading to Specimen Ridge. The first finds were petrified stumps and logs, some so well preserved they could count the growth rings.

After another half hour of hiking, students came upon petrified tree trunks sticking ten feet out of the ground, remains of a world before the flood that changed the Earth’s crust beyond recognition. They climbed down and touched these evidences of God’s control of nature. Less than one percent of all visitors to the park actually see these trees.

This was science in action, part of Northwest Creation-Science Adventures, a program being developed at Yakima Adventist Christian School that will take students into nature to experience God’s creation firsthand.

January 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference