Go Mission Fest A Call to Christian Service

Nearly a thousand people attended Go Mission Fest at Upper Columbia Academy Nov. 13–15, 2009. The three-day event was designed to inspire Christians to accept the commission of Jesus to take the gospel to all the world.

All of the worship services, seminars and even the children's meetings at the Go Mission Fest focused on some aspect of missions, whether it is mission work in a foreign country or mission work right at home. Speakers for the event included former missionaries, trainers and church planters from around the world including Jon Dybdahl, Gary Krause, Russel Burrill and others.

John Kent, Adventist Frontier Missions training director, opened the weekend Friday evening with a stirring appeal to Christian service. Kent recounted how he and his wife Belinda, along with their four children, spent eight years as missionaries in a remote village in Papua New Guinea.

Kent challenged students and adults alike. "I have no idea what God saw in us," he says, "but the truth is God looks into every heart and sees something he wants to use for His glory in a world that desperately needs to know Him."

Audio recordings of Go Mission Fest are available online at www.uccsda.org/audio.

January 01, 2010 / Upper Columbia Conference