Women's Retreat Brings Central Alaskans Together

The Alaska Conference is very spread out, which makes connecting and sharing with each other a challenge at times. But from July 31–Aug. 2, women from the communities of Glenallen, Tok and Copper Valley came together at Red Eagle Lodge, in Chistochina, for the first-ever Women's Ministry retreat in the area. There were more than 23 ladies attending from as far away as Anchorage and Valdez.

Richard and Judy Dennis, Red Eagle Lodge owners, purchased the historic property and opened a bed and breakfast where they could connect with people and share the love of Jesus.

Thea Hanson, guest speaker, shared her journey after being diagnosed with a tumor in her head and losing her husband in a tree-trimming accident two days before surgery. Her topics covered Quest For Love, God's Love, Free Love, My Soul Thirsts For God, Those Who Seek Me Will Find Me, Seek The Lord ... Evermore, Be Still And Know That I am God.

On Sunday morning, the women shared blessings from the weekend. Four women indicated this was their first Women's Ministry retreat and several attendees expressed a renewed commitment to God. Thanks to this first-ever opportunity, a network of committed sisters in Christ is growing throughout central Alaska.

December 01, 2009 / Alaska Conference