Whipple Creek Celebrates New Sanctuary with Open House

A long-standing dream spanning the tenure of three pastors, George White, David Bostrom and currently Donavon Kack, finally came to fruition. White, originator of the dream, was present at Whipple Creek Church's open house in Ridgefield, Wash., on Oct. 10, and commented: "It was my privilege to work for Jesus as the pastor of the Ridge Dell and Hazel Dell (Wash.) churches in the 90s. We saw a need for a new church building in the Ridge Dell area, so we started a building fund. As time went on, I was called to pastor in other places, but by God's grace and with His leading, the people of Hazel Dell and Ridge Dell merged into what is now the Whipple Creek Church. They did not lose the dream or the drive to build a new building for the glory of Christ."

The open house reached out to the neighborhood, past members, old friends, new friends and an ecstatic home congregation delighted to have a new sanctuary to worship an awesome and wonderful God.

Not only are the new sanctuary, new classrooms, new entry-foyer and fellowship room a delight, but also the newly landscaped grounds and lovely trees in the "backyard" offer potential for outdoor activities.

After the service, a tasty luncheon was served to the guests and congregation. One guest was heard saying, "I haven't been to church for a long time, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Your church is beautiful, the people friendly, and the musical program very enjoyable. Thank you for inviting me."

December 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference