People Helping People in Goldendale

November 01, 2009 | Elaine Kubler

Every Monday and Wednesday evening, the Goldendale, Wash., members come to cook. They gather in the kitchen with their supplies, and the first thing they do is pray for those who come to eat — those who come because they are hungry. The hungry are not asked their financial status, or to show their income tax. Nothing is said to them about attending church, but some are attending because they see the love of Jesus in those who serve them.

David Carl, Goldendale ministries leader, is heading this compassionate crusade to help the needy. He arranges for a group of members who come twice a week to cook and serve the needy.

Now, this program is expanding to help single moms with the Single Moms Oil Change. Carl arranged with one of the local oil changers to open on a given Sunday to service these mom's cars for free. This person is paid by the church, but it is free to the single moms.

Another service expansion involves cutting wood for the needy. Wood will be delivered to their doors. Carl needs only a request to arrange additional wood cutting sessions.

This program is operated by the generous donations of church members who give freely in response to the Bible promise in Isaiah 65: "Before they call, I will answer."