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October 01, 2009 | Iris Eastwood

On Feb. 9, the Central Point (Ore.) Church began an outreach program under the direction of Iris Eastwood, member, and Ben Salazar, head elder. The goal was to teach and educate neighbors about the importance of having a healthy body.

Their sister church in Shady Point,Ore., joined them in the ongoing project. "We went on in faith, expecting a miracle and our God did just that and still is," says Eastwood.

For the last four months, members have been sponsoring health lectures by a variety of health educators/professionals, including Jim Said, doctor. Vegan meals are served and attendance ranges from 30–37 each time.

Prior to the first seminar, a woman called explaining she would not be able to come, however she asked if the health lecture on the "benefits of being a vegetarian" could be given at her church, the Apostolic Christian Church, as a women's outreach program.

The invitation was accepted, and for the past three months, members have enjoyed this fellowship. Sharon Lynch, registered nurse, presents the health lectures and Eastwood brings the meals.

Sisters at the Apostolic Christian Church are so excited about what they are learning — how important it is to have a healthy body and that our body is God's temple.