Gladstone Members Revel in River Excursion

Seven members of the Gladstone Park (Ore.) Church enjoyed kayaking over Memorial Day weekend by embarking at the North Santiam River at Lebanon, Ore., and then floating down the Willamette before disembarking at Independence, Ore.

Jim Mathis, organizer and group leader, spent many hours going over maps, checking water levels, organizing rides and equipment and giving helpful information to the people going on the adventure. He says, "I love kayaking and the unique ability you have to quietly blend in and observe God's incredible nature."

Sandi Mathis, participant, says, "One interesting thing about overnight kayaking is finding a camping spot. The first night out we found a flat piece of land to pitch our tents on. But we soon found clear evidence it was a cow pasture. The second night was spent near a freshly plowed field, and we weren't sure of the origin of the strange smell the gentle breezes brought us that night. I also watched an eagle soaring overhead and enjoyed the beautiful greenery passing by."

"Viewing the beauty of God's creation with Christian friends enables me to return to life's duties with renewed commitment and energy," says Paul Johnson, participant.

September 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference