Silverton Celebrates Homecoming

Weeks of planning came to a wonderful culmination on May 16 and 17 when members, former members and friends united for a weekend of special events. Former pastors, Terry Bolton, Carl Rose, interim pastor, V.J. Puccinelli, and Jim McLain were able to be with us and participate.

As we prepared for this major event, we saw God's amazing leading, as long talked-about needs for improvement to church property became reality. Bids and funds to meet them came in just at the right time. New landscaping was done with the additional help and tireless participation of our Pastor, Les Jones and others. And just in time, the new carpet gave the foyer a much needed boost.

Over the weekend the church's small congregation swelled to nearly 180.

Brighter days lie ahead for the Silverton Church for we have seen God's amazing leading in this project and know the future is in His hands. We are committed to partner with Him and share the Blessed Hope in our community.

August 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference