An Educator with the "Gift of Tongues"

Gale Crosby, Portland Adventist Academy, principal, began his career as a math teacher at Redlands Jr. Academy in 1981. It was the foundation for not only his long career as an education administrator but for his vast and impacting work as a volunteer auctioneer.

It began with Crosby's first assignment as RJA freshman class sponsor. With that came the surprise duties of auctioneering at the annual "slave for a day" fundraiser. Crosby was a novice, but no one would have guessed it. The minute he opened his mouth, the inflections, timbre and rhythm of his words matched the talent of a professional auctioneer.

Crosby immediately recognized it as a gift from above and committed it to God. "Because he realizes this gift has been given to him and because of his love for students, he rarely says no to requests to help," says his wife Sharon Crosby.

Since that night almost 30 years ago, his unique "gift of tongues" has been a blessing to hundreds of Adventist schools, hospitals and many other non-profits. It's estimated Crosby's volunteer work as an auctioneer has earned over 12 million dollars throughout the years. That gift is a part of his loving legacy throughout the North Pacific Union Conference and beyond.

August 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference

Sharon Crosby and Liesl Vistaunet