PAA Credits Feeder Schools for High Test Scores

Portland Adventist Academy administrators attribute high test scores to Portland area Adventist elementary schools and families committed to Adventist education.

Gale Crosby, PAA principal, thanked Portland Adventist Elementary School, Hoodview Junior Academy, Rivergate Elementary School, Scappoose Elementary School and Tualatin Valley Junior Academy during several church visits and in school publications. Crosby says, "PAA is deeply indebted to our Adventist elementary and junior high schools for the high scores of our incoming freshman. These scores reflect the dedication and hard work shown from our elementary teachers."

Scores from the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for grades nine, ten and eleven were compared on a national level. PAA incoming freshman were in the top 20 percent. PAA sophomores scored in the top 12 percent, and the junior class scored at the top 9 percent. Seniors participate in the SATs at a later time.

The scores confirm a recent report from CognitiveGenesis, a four-year study of 30,000 students in Adventist schools throughout the North American Division.

"We are proud of our students," says Crosby. "We're thankful for the high quality of our elementary schools and ultimately the families and homes our students come from. All of us working together, with Jesus as our Leader, guarantees success."

July 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference