Auburn Cooks Up Innovative Education

Chef hats, white aprons, bright smiles and delicious foods. Culinary Arts is one of Auburn Adventist Academy's newest innovative education programs–offered to prepare students for their future.

"Our goal is to encourage education beyond high school by equipping students with job-ready skills to assist in the cost of higher education," says Keith Hallam, principal. "With 95 percent of AAA graduates continuing on to college, we hope students will not only be academically prepared, but that they will have practical skills to sustain them as they move forward in life."

Part of Auburn's five-year master plan is a focus on innovative curriculum development including certification programs such as computers, construction, welding, auto mechanics, health care (CNA) and culinary arts.

This school year, AAA began a culinary arts program through which students receive a certificate after two years of classes. "The program has been an enormous success," says Shelley Kilgore, family consumer science teacher and director of the program. "Seeing the kids developing new recipes for the cafeteria, serving the Hearts of Gold Auction dinner, and interacting with professionals in the business have been just a few highlights this year."

"I really feel that taking Culinary Arts has helped to prepare me for my future education," says Alicia Greuter, senior, of Auburn, Wash. "I am planning to go to the Kitchen Academy next year, and I definitely feel this class inspired me to consider a culinary career for my future."

AAA is building upon a foundation of excellence, all the while looking to the future to empower students with a unique educational edge. Through innovative education, Auburn has created a recipe for success!

July 01, 2009 / Washington Conference