New Church, New Pastor, New Member

April 01, 2009 | Leo Beardsley

On Friday evening, Feb. 6, her birthday, Vicky Campbell was baptized into the Havre (Mont.) Church. Campbell had been waiting patiently for the church to be ready. This was also the first baptism in Havre by the new pastor, Richy Thomas. Campbell shared her story of an unsettled childhood and the influence of a godly grandmother, Maude Craig of Miles City, Mont., who took Campbell and her family into her home as a young child and also to the Adventist church nearby. Campbell says she attended many churches of other denominations but there was something missing. Now she says, ā€œIā€™m home!" The congregation has been blessed by her musical and artistic talents. She brings joy to the whole group and is a wonderful addition to the church. Many of her friends and relatives attended the service and members pray this will lead to more decisions for Christ.