A Donkey Goes To School

Students arriving at Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School found two unexpected visitors one day. A prospector named Pete and his miniature donkey, Zach, arrived at school.

Peter Hardy, school principal, assembled the students in the gym. There they found a protective cover over the carpet, a bucket and a gold pan. The bearded prospector led the well-behaved little donkey over to the group.

The donkey was to find gold nuggets in the miner's pan. Now the donkey was eager, because instead of water in the pan, there were delicious oats. While guzzling oats, gold nuggets appeared on the surface and there were Bible texts on them.

Each student was given a number. When that number was called, he or she walked over to the miner and donkey and read the advice given.

So what was the team trying to teach? How to meet, confront and solve conflicts biblically.

And who was the prospector? None other than Charles Brown, pastor. Brown has been presenting seminars showing how to resolve conflicts for several years. But then a growing desire developed to reach out further to young people in schools. He developed a plan to obtain a donkey to help present the assembly program, "Don't Let Conflict Make a Donkey Out of You."

April 01, 2009 / Oregon Conference