Colville and Kettle Falls Host Amazing Facts Seminar

The Colville and Kettle Falls (Wash.) churches joined together in November 2008, to host the Amazing Facts seminar series called Cracking the Prophecy Code. The series ran for 22 nights, with more than 110 people attending per night. Emmanuel Baek, evangelist, gave clear, truth-filled, dynamic presentations.

All who attended received inspiration and revival in their lives. Some who had never heard prophetic truths from the Bible in such clear, Bible-based presentations were convinced of the truth and came forward, dedicating their lives to serving the Lord and joining the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Darlene Bitton, a youth attendee, passionately states, "I've never heard the Bible presented in such a clear and interesting way. It was a lot of fun."

April 01, 2009 / Upper Columbia Conference