Bible Worker's Testimony Fuels Passion for Evangelism

Tony Sherman recently presented an evangelistic series for the Delta Junction community. Sherman is a young Bible worker who worked with the local pastor and is now providing spiritual leadership to the Adventist group; the full-time pastor was recently transferred to the conference office.

Sherman's testimony of God's intervention in his short years is compelling. "If you drive fast enough you can take a long journey in a very short period of time," says Sherman. "This is how my walk with God has progressed. It has been hard for me to come to accept that no aspect of my life aside from what I surrender to God can bring me genuine peace."

While driving from Oregon to Delta Junction, Alaska, Sherman found himself falling asleep at the wheel and telling himself he didn't care anymore. He awoke moments later and realized he had driven down a hill and across a bridge while sleeping. "It hit me for the first time, God cares about me, and He wants to do something with me." After returning home, God continued to work on Sherman to give all to Him. God gave him the strength to make decisions for Him.

"Since then, God has opened the doors for me. I have been able to serve God in joy with true purpose. If five years ago someone had asked me what life would be like for me in the future, I would have sold myself so short."

February 01, 2009 / Alaska Conference