Women Collect Toys for Children

Western Washington women are turning “lemons into lemonade” as a result of the annual women's retreat at Ocean Shores this September.

Sylvia Matiko, author of the book, Lemons to Lemonade, shared how each person is really a lemon without God. However, with God, they are special people who can take those same lemons and turn them into service for God.

To put this into practice, the women donated toys for children of single mothers, which will be distributed by Maranatha Adventist Church's Search & Rescue Mission.

Washington Conference's Women's Ministries has partnered several times with the Search & Rescue Mission to collect warm clothing, nonperishable food, and monetary donations for homeless and single parent families. At this year's retreat, one of the workshops was presented by Carolyn Brown, search and rescue leader, who shared a popular workshop that energized participants to begin outreach projects in their own communities.

November 01, 2008 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella, Washington Conference associate communication director, with Wilma Bing, women's ministries director