Valley View and Cashmere Members Witness in Waterville and Mexico

Members of the East Wenatchee Valley View and Cashmere churches gathered together in the small community of Waterville to participate in a witnessing opportunity.

Surrounded by what seems like endless wheat fields, Waterville (population: 1,170) is located 20 miles from Wenatchee. Both young and old paired up to take religious literature to every home in the community. In the warm June sun, God's word was spread throughout the town, in an attempt to plant seeds and invite people to nearby churches.

The efforts were well received, and many families accepted invitations to take part in Bible studies and prayer.

Two months later, 15 members of the Valley View Church organized and participated in a witnessing effort a little farther from home, in the small community of La Cumbre, Mexico, located 60 miles from Peurto Vallarta. In an existing Seventh-day Adventist church in this village, members held a six-day Vacation Bible School, put on an evening evangelistic series, and assisted with improvements for the church.

More than 70 children attended VBS, and more than 50 adults attended the meetings. Even though many of these members could not communicate with one another through a common language, the knowledge that each shared the love of Christ was enough to develop everlasting friendships.

The work here will continue since the mission team was also able to equip the La Cumbre Church with the tools and resources needed to hold a VBS and an evangelistic series of their own in the future.

November 01, 2008 / Upper Columbia Conference