New Stevensville Member Answers Overwhelming Call for Baptism

Nicki Wandler felt the gentle urgings of the Holy Spirit grow stronger and stronger. She had been attending church with her husband and three small children sporadically for the past year. Wandler grew increasingly eager to learn more about the faith she knew as a child. After several months of Bible studies and a mini-series on Revelation by Larry Belknap, pastor, Wandler knew she must answer God's call.

"I had this overwhelming desire to be baptized and to serve my God," says Wandler.

On a sunny morning in May, Wandler was baptized and welcomed into fellowship with her new church family in Stevensville. Her immediate family as well as many close relatives and friends witnessed the event.

When asked if her children, Ryder, Bella and Kelti, enjoyed church, Wandler replied, "They just love Sabbath School. They ask every morning, ‘Is it Sabbath? Can we go to Sabbath School today?'"

Following Wandler's baptism the church hosted a get-acquainted picnic at Elk Springs Ranch.

October 01, 2008 / Montana Conference