Modern Day Dorcas Spreads Joy in Glendive

When I read the story of Dorcas, I can't help thinking about my friend Nancy Groshart, a member of the Glendive Church. Her specialty is helping others, and she does this daily in a variety of ways.

She goes to the Veterans Home and reads to them, sharing the love of Jesus. She visits church members too, especially the older ones, giving Bible studies or helping them with a project, whatever their need is at the time. One church member was recently in a car accident and she visited him in the hospital and took him to her home to spend the night with her and her husband when he was discharged so he would have company while he recovered.

She loves to sew and in recent years, has put together at least 30 quilts. One Christmas, she made sure quilts were given to nearby Native American residents. She also made pot holders to give to pastor's wives in care packages. She enjoys preparing care packages and often fills them with fresh or dried fruits and nuts.

She helps her neighbors and, one time, helped her 93-year-old neighbor with tearing down her house.

Groshart has been a mother to eight children, six boys and two girls, and is a now a grandmother to nine grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.

July 01, 2008 / Montana Conference